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The 11 fastest-growing cities in America

The U.S. cities on this hottest-places-to-move list are hardly household names. In fact, unless you live nearby, you may never have heard of several. On Thursday, the Census Bureau released its list of the most rapidly growing cities in America from 2014 to 2015 — and Texas cities dominated the list. Of the 11 fastest-growing…Read More→

Investing Overseas

Join the Investment Gold Rush in Memphis Investing in Memphis is an opportunity that should not be missed. Dominated by single family properties with generous sized backyards, investor owned homes have established this as a 100 billion dollar business. Most investors choose Real Estate as their #1 choice, and with more than a third of…Read More→

A little bit about Memphis…

Endless shopping, great nightlife, award-winning restaurants- not to mention the home of Rock n Roll, it isn’t hard to see why Memphis is the place to be. Boasting as the largest city in Tennessee and located along the Mississippi River it is bordering Arkansas and Mississippi. Enough about the geographical statistics, what is really keeping…Read More→

Memphis Attractive!

The Attraction our Investors have with Memphis: One question Omega Green Investments commonly gets asked is “Why Memphis?” It was an easy choice for our company directors, one with many positive contributing factors. Being the largest city in the state of Tennessee and the 19th largest in the whole of the United States, it is…Read More→

Are you prepared for Retirement?

Retirement: Most of us assume that our Super will be enough to live off- but how much thought have you actually given it? Recent studies by MLC Retirement show that almost 70 percent of Australians did not have a fall back plan for unexpected events such as major illness or sudden unemployment. While it is…Read More→