Purchase Price: $166,350

Return On Investment: 5.96%

Houston, Texas USA
4 3 7,701 ft2 / 715 m2


This home is only 1.5 mile to shopping and 1.5 miles away from grocery store. The nearest school is 2.2  miles away. It is beautifully landscaped and comes with many higher end finishes throughout the home making this property highly desirable to any renter. At 2,750 square feet and 5 bedrooms, this property will be a hot commodity for an established family. Based on it’s size, location and practicality, this home is an ideal investment for anyone.

Purchase Price $166,350  
RevenueProjected Income Per Month$1,350 Per Annum$16,200
Operating Expenses
Vacancy est. (6%)   $972
LLC filing fee   $
Management (8%)   $1,435
Taxes   $2,684
Insurance   $1,200
Total   $6,291
Net Cash Flow $826 $9,909

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