Purchase Price: $177,900

Return On Investment: 5.7%

Dallas, Texas USA
3 2.5 6,621 ft2 / 615 m2


This home is only .5 miles to shopping and .5 miles away from grocery store. The nearest school is less than half a mile away. It is beautifully landscaped and comes with many higher end finishes throughout the home making this property highly desirable to any renter. At 2,297 square feet and 3 bedrooms, this property will be a hot commodity for a starter family and/or successful couple. Based on it’s size, location and practicality, this home is an ideal investment for anyone.

Purchase Price $177,900  
RevenueProjected Income Per Month$1,450 Per Annum$17,400
Operating Expenses
Vacancy est. (6%)   $1,044
LLC filing fee   $0
Management (8%)   $1,440
Taxes   $3,774
Insurance   $1,000
Total   $7,258
Net Cash Flow $845 $10,142

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