Memphis Attractive!

The Attraction our Investors have with Memphis:

One question Omega Green Investments commonly gets asked is “Why Memphis?” It was an easy choice for our company directors, one with many positive contributing factors. Being the largest city in the state of Tennessee and the 19th largest in the whole of the United States, it is quickly developing into one of America’s “Residential Investment Hotspots”.

Memphis is boasting a vacancy rate that is well below the national average- and with great suburbs full of newly renovated properties with considerable yards it’s no surprise why. Employment is not a worry with three Fortune 500 companies operating out of Memphis- FedEx, International Paper and AutoZone, not to mention many Fortune 1000 companies. FedEx alone is boosting the transport systems- processing more than five million packages a day through the international airport. Adding even more diversity to the mix are the major science and technology businesses, and the chief banking centre hub. Not to forget its contribution to the medicine industry with specialised medical training universities and no less than six main hospitals.


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